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Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Therapy breaks negative patterns and opens your new possibilities

About Jessica Zoe 

Jessica Zoe is a Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Energy Healer, Writer and Inspirational Speaker operating from Sydney, Australia.

The Power of Light

The Power of the light is growing stronger every day. Isn’t it amazing how one small candle can fill a whole room of darkness. This applies when times are dark you must trust and be mindful that light will always shine through. The dark winter months draw to a close...

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International Woman’s Day

When I was originally asked to deliver a speech at an oil and gas project to 50+ worldwide CEO’S on International Women’s Day initially I was dubious and then I thought why? I asked myself ‘Is it because I will be the minority?’. I then realised this is a great...

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Down Time

Down Time Once the New Year socialising was over I headed to Ubud to take some down time, reset my mind and replenish my body. I wanted to use the start of the year to make some intentions and ambitious goals. I decided to book accommodation and work on...

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