Soul Search

Soul Search

As I enter this exciting new year I feel I have finally found who I truly am and understand my purpose.

When I look back at myself previous I wonder how I was satisfied completely without being ‘awake’ or practising mindfulness. 

Being ‘awake’ was not a term I was familiar with until one day I shared a post on Facebook and a friend commented ‘wow you’re awake’. Someone inside me had opened I started to understand I was on a transformational path to consciousness. I was seeing the world and others around me differently.

So I started writing into a scrapbook my thoughts, realisations, ambitions, affirmations and showing gratitude. I was introduced to meditation and a whole network of people who are educating and guiding me. This is an exciting time and I have decided to use this space to my share journey and empower other

I will be completely real and put my ego aside and speak from the soul.

Discovering who I am?

Growing up in South Wales, UK I had a good upbringing; I was happy, having a good supportive family and a big group of friends. Jobs and success flowed to me easily.

I started my career in youth work while studying my youth work degree and soon found my passion for helping others. 

At the age of 23, I was in a Corporate Office Manager position by day and Youth Club Manager role at night. Juggling two managers positions I felt I had progressed as far as I could. My relationship broke down and I made my best decision to date to explore the world.

Time to Travel

It’s been three years since I left Wales. I am living in Australia – the place where I have built a life I love. 

Since I found myself working in Fly in, Fly out Construction industry. I have had various jobs roles and opportunities and grown massively as an individual. I established myself into being known across the industry as a strong confident woman in a man dominated environment, mentoring and coaching people to make better life choices and maintain a healthy mind. 

While I worked a long 60-hour week I had the advantage of rest and recreation downtime every 7th week which allowed to me to travel and explore new ideas and concepts. I went on a mindful search of discovering myself and my life purpose. 

I have a natural drive and thirst for success and had big career ambitions that started manifesting. 

Wakey Wakey

2015 was tough: I was exhausted, suffered a drop in confidence, self-esteem, and become very anxious. While on the outside I was this confident bubbly ambition girl, succeeding and kicking goals and winning awards, on the inside, it was very different. Work pushed me to my limits. It was a difficult time to be on the other side of the world away from family and friends. I had to drag myself through each day fighting for what I believing in. 

Being mindful involves gratitude.

I strongly believe this situation guided me further into what I refer to as ‘my awakening’.

Today I fully appreciate my opportunities and the dark times I experienced. I understand everything that has happened in my life: the good and bad has brought me into my being today.

For this, I thank the universe with all of my heart for the adventure that is only just beginning.


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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x