Meditation Matters

Meditation Matters

I was first introduced to mantra meditation when I attended a meditation two-part course I had seen advertised on Facebook. I was instantly drawn in by the advert and the fact it was free was a bonus.  From reading the description I understood the course was aimed at teaching you all you need to know about the mind and what it takes to control it.

I grouped together two of my friends and headed to the venue. When we arrived we were greeted by beautiful souls a male and female who run the workshop. Both had a relaxed aura about them and the atmosphere was welcoming. I had expected a big open event with a lot of people but there was just six of us present. We sat on cushioned seats on the ground and the workshop commenced. 

Mantra Meditation 

Our guides explained the meditation technique was constructed using mantras from the ancient vedic yoga system to help learners become more in control of the busy mind.

I had heard of the benefits of mantra meditation and met many people that had given it a go, but not met anyone who had mastered continuing their mantra meditation practice. 

It was explained that the workshop would give us the tools and wisdom we need to transform our life with mantra meditation. The advice was not wrong it was the beginning of something special. 

This meditation technique involves chanting, musical instruments and a beautiful sound that fills you with joy and happiness. 

As a group, we learnt how to relax, breath and close our eyes. Together we chanted repeating different mantras.

Repetition of mantras can help you disconnect from any thoughts that arise during meditation and also help keep you focused on your intention.

What is Mantra meditation?

Mantra Meditation is a time-tested and proven process that enriches, improves and enhances your life. Use meditation to:
Reduce stress and tension
Increase your mental focus
Gain a clearer understanding of yourself
Help you to make better decisions in life
Boost your ability to be self-disciplined
Help you exchange unhealthy habits for healthy life choices
Develop positive traits such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and inner peace

For the first time, I felt light, floaty and completely relaxed. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t wait to return and make this practice part of my life.


I encourage you to give it a try. Meditation has changed my life.


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