The Power of Light

The Power of Light

The Power of the light is growing stronger every day. Isn’t it amazing how one small candle can fill a whole room of darkness? This applies when times are dark you must trust and be mindful that light will always shine through. The dark winter months draw to a close and spring blossoms.  A shift in consciousness and the power of sharing knowledge on social media is enhancing the spiritual growth. And it’s deepening the level of enlightenment.  It has taken me some time during my personal journey to understand and have the confidence to step into a career I believe is my life purpose as an Energy/Light Worker & Holistic Life Coach.

There is something so incredibly beautiful about someone who is cracking open and being called home to the higher self.

Lightworkers are believed to be those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of hurt or fear.  I believe each Lightworker is here for a sacred purpose.  Some characteristics of a lightworker include the ability to heal others and believing that spiritual methods can heal any situation. Another trait that I have experienced is feeling compelled to write, teach, or coach about healing experiences.  It took confidence, trust and the guts to step up. During energy work, the availability to draw in the light enables me to energises people during healing sessions.

This is the light that projects harmony and love. 

During difficult times and in negative environments I previously felt overwhelmed and could feel other people’s sadness. As my enlightenment began to surface I learnt how to be mindful. Mindful in using the light to reflect joy and happiness to those who tried to vibrate hatred and hurt on others.  How I viewed people and situations shifted. I learnt how to show empathy and compassion for people who struggled to project peace. And how to firmly put up my protection to reflect unwanted energy. Environments and people remain the same. But by calling in the light that is always available, how I responded began to differ.

If there is discomfort in your body or life, regardless of date or time you can send light to it. In the higher state of consciousness, there is no time or space. By using this technique, I have found new ways of handling old patterns.

I have found new ways to send distance healing. Recently I was using the light to send love to my beloved mother who was poorly in hospital. Fortunately, within 24 hours she was released and made a speedy recovery. I send love and light to people at every opportunity.  I always enjoy meeting other energy healers and lightworkers and hearing I have a calming energy.  These people have been drawn to me as guides and mentors during my spiritual growth and movement towards my life purpose.  Lightworkers often have themselves followed the light out of the dark on a path leading them to fulfilment. Knowing my life purpose the time has come to start living a life that completely lights me up by helping others to step into this space too.

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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x