The most critical time to fuel your mind is 10 minutes before sleep and 10 minutes instantly after you wake up.

What you put in is what you get out.

Control and determine the thoughts before you go to sleep can help with a peaceful rest.


1. Avoid watching the news, crime or scary movies.
2. Avoid arguing with anyone or reflecting on unhappy day’s events.
3. Relax by drinking a cup of herbal tea.
4. Listen to some relaxing music or meditation.
5. Complete a gratitude journal reflecting on the special moments you are grateful for.

The better you set yourself up for sleep the less sleep you actually need.

6 to 7 hours of undisturbed sleep is better than a restless 10 hours.

Once you wake up it’s important to start your day off well.

The first 10 minutes have a marked effect on your day.

Setting my alarm and placing my phone across the room allows me to wake up and automatically step out of bed. The snooze button allows us to ponder back and forth into sleep and drains energy.

With practice I have trained myself to:

1. Instantly activate positive thoughts.
2. Reflect on my gratitude list from the day before.
3. Thank the universe for guiding me into a new beautiful day.
4. Rise before the sun comes up to get my happy hormones flowing.
5. Make positive affirmations that today will be an epic day.

Follow the 10-minute rule before and after sleep and see a huge shift in your day and happiness.

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