This week has been particularly interesting, and I have come across 3 ‘stressors’ that I previously would have lost my marbles over, or stepped out of my positive vortex.

  1. Catching the wrong train one hour in the wrong direction after a long day running workshops
  2. Heading to the gym before a day’s work and forgetting my keys, which resulted in me being locked out
  3. Travelling to run a seminar and forgetting my script

All of the above previously would have made me mad, freak out and slip into a state of blame and fear.

What did I do in every situation?

1. Five x deep breaths
2. Two x minutes of meditation (be present and accept)
3. Ground myself to the earth’s energy by just standing still and allowing my frustration to pass out of my feet and be released

These simply exercises allow me to be present and fully digest the situations for what they are. There was nothing I could do about them and I trusted the universe fully by accepting that they were my daily ‘assignments.’

Universal assignments show up to remind us that we’re always being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

In each moment I thanked the universe for testing me and remained in a calm, receiving state.

Each situation resolved itself without me ‘ruining my day’ by dwelling on my misfortune and beating myself up for messing up.

On each occasion, being in the state of bliss and pure acceptance, I was able to learn and bring some positive discoveries from each:

  1. On the extra-long train journey, I wrote two blogs and felt in flow enjoying the extra hour of unpredicted stillness
  2. Being locked out pushed me to do some extra cardio and run to get spare keys leaving me feeling pumped for the day
  3. Having no script allowed me to deliver the workshop from memory which not only flowed more freely but allowed me to engage deeper with the audience with incredible feedback

The Lesson learnt this week has to be to fully trust the universe – it always has your back. Roadblocks and challenges are built to help you grow, develop and learn. Stay in flow and accept the universe has a plan.

Have a lovely weekend!

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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x

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