A letter to me.

Last year on my birthday I was reflecting on the limiting beliefs that have shaped my mindset growing up. Below I decided to write a letter to my younger self-outlining the best is yet to come.

“We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.” -Louise L. Hay

To my younger self,  

The best is yet to come, the future is full of love, support & happiness.  

You will grow up in a loving home and feel nurtured. Your youth will be spent trying new things, travelling and testing your mother’s patience.  

When you leave school, you will feel lost wanting to work in mental health but hate education. At 17 you choose to get a job instead of going to university. Others will show concern but you know you will find your way. You have a caring nature and volunteer in the local youth and homeless centre. 

At age 20, you are leading the young centre and find your calling to university and walk away with a degree at 23.  

You will have boyfriends, some good, some bad and learnt some tough lessons. You will meet some true friends and some friends fade away. You have heartbreak but repair stronger than before.  

Toxic jealous people will always be existent but you learn that others will always have an opinion no matter what you do.  Stay true to you. 

There will be times when you lack confidence, look in the mirror and believe you are fat, ugly and unlovable but none of this is true. You learnt to love the skin you are in and embrace your uniqueness.  

At 24, you leave to travel the world, at first people will be a confused, negative or question your reasons. You have a good job, lifestyle and relationship but you want more.  

You will meet people who challenge you, discourage your dreams and believe your ideas are crazy.  

You will step outside your comfort zone chasing adventures, flights and question conventional ideas.  

Social media will try to throw your emotions. People will look from behind a screen base opinion on appearance. You must value your own voice and learn not to worry so much about fitting in or trying to be someone else.  

Self-doubt will be your biggest demon, but you discover a pathway using meditation to combat your negative inner voice.  

Though out your early twenties you learn that you can’t always please everyone. The more you take on, the more people expect. You learn to say NO to things that don’t bring you happiness.  

You panic about being single when others are always married, but you learn the universe will bring your perfect soul mate when the time is right.  

The most important love of all is with yourself and you take a journey into self-development that opens a world of opportunities. Be open to new ways of seeing things. Trust your instinct.  

You follow your heart & stay true to yourself stepping out of your comfort zone in foreign places.  

Part of what makes this life so excited is that you never know what’s coming next and I don’t want to ruin the mystery for you but take that flight and you never know who might be waiting at the end. 

You are a beautiful soul and the best of life is yet to come 

With love from your older self x 

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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x

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