If you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you?

My words to myself on 1st January 2017.

So true.

2016 was spent having pointless flings with people I knew were either no good for me or draining my energy.

Life is about trial and error. But spending a portion of my previous time with people who were serving me no purpose taught me some valuable lessons which I appreciate.

On the New Year, the conscious decision was made to dedicate the next 6 months to work on my own happiness.

This included self-love. A lot of 2016 was spent pleasing others. Often single life leads you to get your self-worth through attention from others. Often the wrong type of attention which was once short flings leave you feeling low, self-esteem at zero and worthless.

Dedicating 6 months to myself being selfish and pleasing myself was truly the best decision.

Finding comfort and happiness in my own company, finding out what I truly love and connecting with people who like you, for you.

Saying no to dates, attention and short time flings lead me to see the real value in the people who stick around and liked me for me.

As confidence in yourself grows, no longer do you become attracted to lower energies and you can start to see yourself and others differently.

Being on this journey and learning to love every part of yourself, the imperfections and all, allows you to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Which one vibrating at their level attracts something quite special.

There is nothing more attractive than a confident, ambitious and self-loving person who does not need another person to complete them but to empower them on their journey.

Dedicate time to loving yourself and a soul mate love will find you at exactly the perfect timing.

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