Create a Life Worth Living


How exciting! The very fact you are reading this means you are ready to make new positive changes in your life.

The physical body needs to be nourished with spiritual, emotional & mental support to truly flourish. You CAN allow yourself to create the sense of  happiness, inner peace and self-love you deserve. 

It is NOW time to free yourself from toxic mental states rooted in anxiety, insecurity and fears.  

By letting go of self-demands and pressure for the future, you can create the best possible conditions for being present and reaching your achievable  goals.

The more you become grounded in the present moment, the more uncluttered your mind becomes, and the easier it is to learn from past experiences and plan wisely for the future.

It’s TRUE Good thoughts and intentions have good clear positive results

Negative and doubtful thoughts have unwanted bad results

Actions provoked by toxic mental states create blockages which can lead to feeling stuck and not able to move forward successfully.

Actions flowing from being mindful contribute to a future of happiness and Joy.

The universe will keeping throwing situations, It is how you self-manage and react that will determine the outcome.

 The whole purpose of mindfulness is about being effective by focusing on WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

Holistic Life Coaching

Jessica offers unique warm and supportive coaching that is based on equal partnership of working together to unlock the potential within.

In working with Jessica, you will explore your purpose and passion in life.

  • Have the tools to live a mindful meaningful and inspired life.
  • Developing your inner awareness and consciousness 
  • Explore the Law of Attraction
  • Finding inner happiness
  • Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Consciously choose new directions
  • Learn to make choices from your ‘wise mind’
  • Body, mind and spirit balance

How Does it Work?

  • Free Consultation call
  • Coaching sessions are 60 minutes
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions can be scheduled
  • Use of insightful coaching exercises to apply to everyday life
  • Option to purchase 4,6,or 8 sessions as discounted packages
  • Skype, phone or in person sessions in Sydney, Australia

Holistic Life Coaching Cost:    4 Sessions = $480      6 Sessions = $700    8 Sessions= $900