3rd November Full Moon in the earth sign of Taurus is going to be showering all of us with abundance, making it one of the most magical Moon’s of 2017.

From the beginning of the year, we have all been guided to start a new chapter. We have all been called upon in different ways to break free of old patterns and start something new.

November is already a power month seeing as it holds the vibration of 11.

11 is a sacred number in numerology as it represents rebirth and higher consciousness. It is also the number associated with angels – You might see 11.11 frequently for example.

One month ago on my 28th birthday during meditation, I had a vision and calling to start a new business (my second business of 2017) and make this the year the one that changes my life.

Energy pumped through me and staying awake spent most of the night writing, brainstorming and created a whole new business and website.

On the 1st of the 11th month (November) my second website was finished and business details being finalised.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in less than a month with full focus and energy on your goal. Moving forward with full confidence and breaking fear that previously held me back.

If you have a business idea you are looking to get off the ground, this Full Moon will also be supporting you, so make a plan and start taking action.

Use the energy of the November Full Moon to rise up and shed all the fears that hold you back from living the life you want. Use this energy to push past any boundaries or barriers that you have created so you can start making steps forward.

November is going to be MY month & make it YOURS!

New website coming soon – Hold tight 

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