Reiki Energy Healing


 A session of Reiki Energy Healing with Jessica Zoe will give you a calm and peaceful mind, happiness and general well-being, together with consistent restful sleep and a course of reiki healing will start to clear deep seated energy blocks to allow you to move forward to the life of your dreams.


Jessica is a certified Reiki Energy Healer, and also brings through Angelic Energies during her sessions. She offers Reiki Healings and combination Angelic Reiki Healing/Reading sessions.


Reiki Energy Healing Cost:   


60 minutes  (7 main chakras) = $100        30 minutes = $70 


Angelic Reiki Healing/Reading:    80 minutes = $130 

Loft & Earth – Level 1, 70 Bronte RD, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

What is Reiki?


Reiki healing is used as a channel for energy to provide a safe and holistic healing method. It promotes good health and wellbeing and can be experienced by people of all ages, whether in good health or stricken by illness.

A Reiki healer channels energy via the hands into the receiver. It is a non-invasive gentle and encompasses the whole body, mind, and spirit. 

Replacing life force energy can strengthen a person’s immune system. This aids the body in its fight against disease and illness.

Reiki healing is used in the support and treatment of many ailments including:


  • Feeling blocked, stuck or procrastinating life path 
  • Being crushed under the stress of performing in your professional and personal life
  • Relieving stress, fears and emotions as the energy system works in tandem with the nervous system.
  • Easing Depression by working on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • Relieving headaches and regular illness by releasing tension and blood flow.
  • Curing fatigue and sleeping disorders.  
  • Easing pain by relaxing the veins and muscles.
  • Providing a calm positive outlook when feeling unfulfilled in activities or relationships.