What happened to me? Did life just grind me down, was I over-worked, stopped living for the moment and simply existing.

Did I lose my passion, drive and have no connection to whom I really was? Chasing success limited sleep, surviving on sugar, coffee and boozy weekends. 

Each morning repeating the mantra – Another day, another dollar and only ten hours to go. 

Countdown until my next day off or holiday. Never present, never appreciating living in the now. 

Body activate, Mind autopilot.

Repeating the same patterns, self-destruct scenarios, exhausted. 

Then it hit me – BURNOUT!

I began to understand working long hours in a negative environment comes at a price. Disconnection from myself, health and my sense of self-fulfilment. 

I had to make a change.

A pathway was opened up to explore meditation and mindfulness. The discussions were around Mind, body and spirit wellbeing.  For the first time in two years I began to feel connected to myself, take responsibility for mindset and explore finding inner peace 

While it was not immediately possible to walk away from a job where I suffered ‘Death by a Desk’ it was possible to learn it’s not selfish to take care of ME.

I began to reach out, find experts, tools, skill sets and information on how to live a life with every day bringing happiness and joy. 

I chose to create something new for myself, a new beginning, fresh start and a way forward. 

Using my free time more mindfully, exploring new networks and social groups. 

Today I have created my business and found my life purpose built on the pain and wisdom learnt during the dark time to help share inspiration, expertise and help change mindsets to live a healthy happy balanced life. 

I took me a close call to extreme burnout to shake myself, notice the signs and empower myself to make a change.

Tips to avoid burnout: 

 Self-talk – When I wake up in the morning I remind myself today is going to be an AWESOME day. How you start your day is important 
 Take time to yourself – Whether it’s a walk in the park, sitting in a quiet space or looking out at the ocean

 Look at the energy vampires – Social media, News, relationships and make changes
 Reach out and seek help and guidance
☀ SLEEP – 8 hours a night minimum (Not always possible but try your best) 
 Eat nourishing food that makes you feel alive and kicking 

 Surround yourself with like mind people that uplift you.

 Create daily rituals for sustainable success – Gratitude journals, meditation and yoga are some examples of feel-good factors.

 Exercise – Release some super endorphins 

 Do something you LOVE – Travel, write, swim – What every sets your soul on fire!

 Reignite your spark, vitality and drive and create that beautiful life YOU deserve. 


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Please share with open-minded friends who can benefit from transformational life changes. I am dedicated and passionate about helping and healing people and strongly believe everyone has the opportunity to unlock their true potential to live a life full of joy and happiness.

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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x