Cancer Full Moon

Cancer Full Moon

The Full Moon in Cancer, January 12th, 2017 – ‘At this Full Moon, life prods us to explore beyond usual love and support habit. A Culmination a release. A Transformation.’


It was a powerful moon I felt everything that was not in harmony, not in alignment with my higher self-was released. Worries, deeply hidden within my subconscious mind surfaced. 

When I woke I felt the mask that covered the INNER me had been removed. And a fresh-faced glorious, confident soul appeared. The tight knot that sat within my root chakra was evicted. I felt grounded and connected back to mother earth after a mentally busy week returning to work.

I tuned into a Full moon guided meditation and shared the space with my best friend. There is something quite amazing about two people in a comfortable environment connecting souls and supporting each other’s transitions to higher consciousness. 

With every full moon, it is important to allow ourselves to feel without taking action. I have set some achievable intentions that I am looking forward to receiving and exploring in the next few weeks.

Today is Friday 13th but I have never felt so lucky and grateful for the beautiful life I am blessed with.


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With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica Zoe x