Jessica THANK YOU I got so much from your Reiki Energy Healing, this was my first time following recommendation from a friend. I felt so light and happier. My week following has been so positive.

That blockage in my solar plexus chakra you picked up is definitely a bad area for me an needs clearing.  Thank you again for your lovely relaxing Reiki session.

Kate Jackson, Darwin

‘As a major sufferer of OCD, depression & anxiety, I reached out to Jessica to seek some ‘spiritual aid’ via her Mindful Life Coaching program after a recommendation from a friend in the UK. I had been living at home for the past 1.5 years where my mental health spiralled and I found myself highly dosed with many medications and frequent setbacks including panic attacks and breakdowns. Suffering from lack of sleep, over tiredness and constant anxiety – which fuelled my depression – I knew that moving back to Canada would help but even though I felt some relief once back here, I still felt my mind, body & soul needed some healing and not through the means of medication. Jess listened to me and gave me some exercises to complete in my daily rituals, these have helped a lot. I will always suffer with these illnesses, as they are part of me but Jess has shown me how to reconnect with myself and deal with the problems head on. I still keep in touch and will continue to seek her guidance when feeling ‘lost’. Very Thankful to Jessica!   

Aaron Jones, BC, Canada

I have just completed 6 sessions of Reiki with Jessica. Jessica  is very knowledgeable, and passionate about her practice of Reiki, and it shows in her compassion for the people she works with. I have always left feeling utterly relaxed, chilled, and safe in the knowledge that the Reiki would stay with me for the coming week. I have never had such an amazing night sleep following our sessions. Reiki is something not to be missed. Thanks Jessica.

Jera Addis, Australia

Jessica is a gentle and caring person who has helped me by carrying out both hands-on and distant reiki healing which worked alongside her Life Coaching program. The aim was to relieve both physical and stress-related symptoms. As well as relief of physical discomfort, I have also felt positive emotional benefits, and always sleep deeper and longer after a Reiki therapy session. Her honesty and realness makes her coaching sessions realistic and Jessica has provided me with valued tools I use on a daily basis. My mindset and life has shifted dramatically in a positive direction since meeting Jessica over a year ago.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica’s  services and hope that others can benefit from her gifts. 

Katy P, Darwin NT

National Recognition

Northern Territory Awards 2017

The chief Minister commended Jessica for established herself as a strong leader in the Northern Territory by empowering people through training, coaching and mentoring.  

‘Jessica stands out above all others in her accomplishments for raising awareness on Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, International Women’s Rights and having raised charitable donations of $50,000.

Jessica’s impact is so great, she is known for her motivation, compassion and intellect. This resulting in nominations under two categories. 

Women in Resouces Awards 2017

Jessica has spent 7 years working on various resources projects worldwide. While working a full time job in this sector she also worked as a part time Youth & community worker. Her she developed her passion for looking after the wellbeing of others. Her passion is demonstrated through her numerous fundraising activities and volunteering which include: raising $65,000 from the resources sector for local families and charities, leading Environmental Protection Campaigns, promotion of NAIDOC campaigns and engagement in Community as well as implementing suicide prevention programs and Coaching individual to success. It has been a privilege to meet Jessica and wish her congratulation on her place in the finals as an Exceptional Women in Resources.  

Nicole Brown

Chair. Women in Resources inc.